Sunday, February 12, 2017

Whole 30 week 1: The good, the bad, and the hangry: Struggle doesn't begin describe the sheer annoyance/cravings/withdrawal that I experienced this week, and yet, that's about the only word that would come to mind. Prior to starting the Whole30 John and I had been eating...poorly. While in Italy we maintained an 80/20 paleo diet allowing ourselves 'cheat meal sunday'. I also had previously cut out gluten for just over a month while trying to determine a food sensitivity I was experiencing. Because of these experiences, I guess you could say that I thought this wouldn't be 'SO difficult', this notion however, was sorely incorrect. Cutting out all processed/added sugar, gluten, dairy, legumes, and other restrictions is so much more all-encompassing that you anticipate. Did you know it's next to impossible to find lunch meat without added sugar? WHY ARE WE ADDING SUGAR TO TURKEY, IF YOU DO THIS PLEASE EXPLAIN. So shopping was definitely...a challenge. Organized and itemized list in hand of perfectly prepped options John and I headed off to our local grocer thinking we were pros, an hour later we walked out with JUST what we needed and though frustrated and confused managed to meal prep a weeks worth of dinners, lunches, and breakfasts that night. I went to sleep feeling accomplished and prepared. Day one was fairly simple. I was home all day so I was able to resist temptation fairly simply. The only thing I struggled with was in the morning waking up and dumping 3/4 of a bottle of sunny delight down the drain. This only happened after holding it in my hands for roughly five minutes contemplating whether or not if I took a sip in that moment it would count as cheating since I technically hadn't started yet, and taking a big, long, dramatic whiff of it with the lid off. I even rinsed the bottle out knowing good and well that my weak soul would try to drink the few remaining droplets left inside if I didn't wash them away. After pouring one out for my nineties-obsessed nostalgic self while dreaming of the days of rugrats marathons and pizza lunchables I headed to the kitchen and made my first green juice. Ironically enough, this would be my favorite of the different juice recipes I made throughout the week, and one I will be returning to. I downed my juice like a semi-popular self-obsessed instagrammer downs 'fit tea' and it kept me full and awake until lunch later that afternoon. Lunch consisted of turkey lettuce wraps with garlic aioli, and sliced apples. To say it was filling or satisfying in any way would be a bold lie. However, I pushed through and consumed my first 'whole' meal while picturing myself a month from now frolicking in swimwear just because I could, with perfect un-blemished-by-dairy skin. I would learn by day two or three that cold lunches are a big no-no for me. And that unless I'm eating a hot meal, I get extremely hangry. The exception of this is hard boiled eggs...which I love. The hardest day overall though was day three. I'm a part-time student so when Wednesday rolled around I felt like I had kind of gotten into a groove with things (even resisted my beloved soft pretzels while working a shift at the mall on day two) however sitting in a room of my peers and watching them eat the crappiest and most delicious of foods in front of me made me want to throat punch someone. I didn't, but I definitely wasn't nice. Thursday rolled around and I gave into temptation and tried to step on the scale to see if I had lost anything. I'm an individual with serious anxiety and an addictive personality, so instant gratification is NECESSARY for me. To my dismay the scale wouldn't light up. I snatched it from the cold tile floor and popped open the battery compartment to see an empty plastic box staring back at me. My husband had anticipated this, and headed of my weakness in the best way possible. Each day has had temptations. However, hard boiled eggs, crash potatoes, and flavored water have been my saving graces. How I've made it a week, I honestly can't tell you. I've said no so many times now I feel like I have the strict determination of a monk. (Dramatic, I know.) Now, there are some pros to what I've experienced thus far. I'm someone who is chronically dehydrated due to my distaste for water, particularly in cold climates and this week I can safely say I feel much more hydrated. My eczema disappeared almost immediately. I'm going to guess that's due to my dairy sensitivity which I know I have but choose to ignore because, well, Mac and Cheese. We will find out for sure during the reintroduction phase. I'm also excited to see if this has an effect on my awful psoriasis I experience on my hands. Thus far I haven't noticed much of a change, but we'll see. I feel less tired during the day. This one has fluctuated based upon what else I have going on in my life but on my Thursday night stocking shift I had at work, something that usually takes me a large coca-cola to get through, I bounced around getting things done as if I weren't deprived of the caffeinated nectar of the gods. I also, can already see a change in my body. I'm retaining far less water than I had been, most noticeably in my upper arms and despite being bloated due to it being that time of the month, I can still feel my clothes fitting better. I'm excited to see where the next few weeks take me. This has gone from an idea to reset my system to a test of my own willpower and I have to say, it feels good to be passing.